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Friday, February 14th 2014. | Blog

Retrica Online EditorLearn how to download and use Retrica Online Editor for PC.  One time, I was testing many image editing applications, and to tell the truth it’s been several months that it is not happened. The opportunity was too good with Retrica as an application of the day, get back! Developed by Sangwon Park, this small image editing Wizard will allow you to give your photos a vintage style. Retrica is available only in English, but except for the correspondence of the names of effects, the rest is relatively intuitive and will not need to master the language of Shakespeare.

Retrica Online is not strictly speaking an image editing software, because we cannot make adjustment to the quality of the latter, say rather that it is a modifier of images. Indeed, the main purpose of this application is to take pictures with some vintage oriented modifications. To do this, everything goes through the famous filters (black and white contrasts accented, sepia, etc.). The application offers more than 20 filters, a “mosaic” mode that will allow appear several shots on the same image, a 4:3 mode and a 1:1 mode, using the front-facing camera, a timer, etc.

You’ll understand it is rather complete and there are enough to make a little while what we want

The other advantage of Retrica Photo Editor is that it is very easy to use, everything happens as with the native camera application, but in addition to this you can interact and see on screen the result of the selected effects, and all this before even taking the picture. In addition, include usual sharing features and a directory which stores our photographs (in addition to the usual Ribbon from the iPhone).

All this, it does many things well nice for a single application! Well obviously it is free, so if you are looking for a small Wizard for older your shots or make them more funs, do not hesitate and try Retrica!

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Retrica Online Editor for PC
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